InstantGallery 2.0 ?

Posted by i-mac 
InstantGallery 2.0 ?
February 09, 2010 11:57AM
Any news about the upcoming update?
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
February 09, 2010 12:47PM
InstantGallery 2 is still under development and it's slowly approaching beta. I'm having to balance my time working on it with maintaining and updating my other applications as well as planning for some upcoming iPad apps. This does mean development is going a bit slower than I'd like, but I have to stay on the ball to keep the business strong. Here is a sneak preview screenshot showing the current development version of IG2.

IG2 went through some significant redesigns last year from what I had originally envisaged. I think it's shaping up to be a much better product now as result.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
February 10, 2010 10:29PM
There have been numerous dates posted for the new release and it appears to have taken a back seat to other apps, old and new. At this point I can only assume that the new 2.0 isn't going to be released any time in the near future. I had hoped it would be available for my late wife's memorable page but I'm now looking into other options. Sad to say but I'm extremely disappointed.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
July 01, 2011 01:29PM
Any idea when 2.0 will arrive?
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
July 16, 2011 08:11AM
2.0 is presently on hold. An update version 1.9 with some improvements and offering full Lion compatibility is on the way though.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
July 18, 2011 06:10AM
Do you have plans to add a slideshow to InstantGallery?
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
July 18, 2011 07:13AM
Not at the moment.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
March 02, 2013 08:47AM
Almost 18 months later ... any progress? Will there ever be an update?
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
November 08, 2013 07:34PM
You can pretty much be assured there won't be a version 2. After all these years you're better off finding an alternative. I did.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
November 16, 2013 02:04PM
InstantGallery 2 is unlikely to be released at this point it's true, I'm sorry it never got finished but it was a large undertaking and it came against a backdrop of falling sales, people increasingly using hosted CMS's to share their images and the explosion of the iOS platform. As a single developer I only have so much time to spend on each product and I have to focus on the apps that pay the bills, InstantGallery stopped being one of those long ago now I'm afraid.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
December 16, 2013 12:56PM
I've had a couple of weeks to work on InstantGallery 2 and it's actually quite close to a shippable state now, say 90% there at the moment. If I can I'll make an alpha available before the year's out to see what kind of interest there still is.

Here's a run down of what's done and working:
- Basic gallery creation
- Three working templates
- Watermarking
- Thumbnail cropping
- Thumbnail effects and overlay decorations
- Photo tagging
- Page and image reordering
- Photo EXIF display

Here's what's not done yet:
- Tag/category pages
- Energy/performance optimisation
- No legacy gallery support for IG 1.8 (this isn't likely to be coming either given how different the programmes are under the hood)
- Gallery searching
- Various bugs squashed

This is a screenshot of the current development version showing the "Bokeh" template.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
January 01, 2014 07:37AM
The alpha version should be ready in another day or two, it's taken a ton of work to get it this far. Download will be available on the following page:

Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
January 03, 2014 04:41AM
The alpha is now available! [] Please read the release notes before running.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
January 08, 2014 07:16AM
Thanks, I will start testing it tonight.
Re: InstantGallery 2.0 ?
January 14, 2014 03:58PM
The second alpha is now available (build 340). Download View release notes
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